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Sağlık sektörü uzmanları ile geliştirilen, sarf malzemelerin yönetimi için hastane lojistiği. Hastaneler ve bakım evleri için tasarlanmış lojistik sistemleri ile Wiegand, hasta güvenliğini arttırdı ve sarf malzemelerin yönetimini eskisinden daha verimli hale getirdi.

MedManager AutoInventory

MedManager AutoInventory is a logistics system that fully automates consumables management in hospitals and care homes. Uses scales to automatically manage ward stocks AutoInventory measures each individual item, calculates the exact consumption and automatically triggers orders for the correct quantities at exactly the right time. Fully digital, self-monitoring scales, plus intelligent MedManager software are at the heart of the AutoInventory consumables solution. Every item on the hospital ward is stored in a container which rests on a weighing scale. Thanks to these scales being networked together via intelligent MedManager software, you always know your current stock levels and the exact consumption of each item. At any time.

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"Basit" yeterli değilse;

Can a standard model be used or does the trolley need to be constructed according to one’s own requirements? Are antistatic castors necessary? What type of material is planned to be contained in the trolley and which accessories need to be mounted outside? The variety of possibilities is not always easy to understand. When planning your FlexLine Trolley, experienced WIEGAND® consultants are at hand to assist you.

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Diğer Arabalar

«Too few personnel and ever more complex working processes force us to be more efficient. This is the only way to secure adequate professional care for our patients. As a nurse, I always have my Wiegand trolley by my side for many of my duties while on the ward. When I’m doing my rounds, the trolley is always equipped with a freshly filled module from the cabinet. We use “ready to use” trays for different tasks such as changing dressings, laying an infusion, blood sampling or medicine distribution.

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Mobil Lojistik Çözümler ve Taşınabilir Malzeme Depoları

Efficient ward logistics always presupposes that the storage systems in the central storage and those of the wards are compatible. Trays in the ISO standard sizes form the basis of such a storage system. 600 mm deep carriages, which hold these modules, are available from WIEGAND® in different sizes and variations.

5 Yıl Garanti!

Many FlexLine-Trolleys are in operation for more than 20 years. The durable trolleys are maintenance free and can be upgraded at a later stage or even reconfigured. The modular construction allows your staff, with the professional advice of our specialists, to independently replace or assemble accessories or extensions.

Kalite Burada Ortaya Çıkıyor!

FlexLine Trolleys are manufactured according to a client’s wishes. We support nursing staff and doctors in defining the optimal tools for the different work processes and requirements. The same high quality is guaranteed for the simple standard trolleys or special designs. During the hectic workday, one must be able to rely on work aids at any time, which is why Wiegand uses only high quality materials.

Sanitized® - Gümüş Çözeltisi

Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi FlexLine Trolleys are equipped with the Sanitized® technology. In the strategically important trolley surfaces the Sanitized® hygienic function is integrated. It continuously exerts its effect around the clock, optimising and supporting the usual cleaning and thus contributing to comprehensive hygiene.